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Wednesday Morning Weather Update

3:45 AM ---  Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Good morning and happy hump day! We will start colder to kick off April with temperatures in the low and mid 30s. Abundant sunshine will warm us rather quickly back into the 60s and it looks like another beautiful day... best part, just a light breeze! After yesterday's whipping winds, this will be a nice gift.

Heading into Thursday, moisture and warmer air will surge our way. Isolated showers will push in to the area around daybreak Thursday. With just spotty rain early, temperatures will hang near 70 degrees. Rain will pick up in intensity and coverage heading into the evening and Thursday night. We are currently in a slight risk category for severe storms. Additional rounds of heavy rain will come in waves through Friday night.

We'll dry out by Saturday morning, but it will be cooler, highs will fall back below average. Easter still looks good, hanging in the 60s with partly cloudy skies. Temperatures for Opening Day look mild, but we are expecting developing showers. It doesn't look heavy at this point, but it doesn't look totally dry either.

For more on our beautiful day ahead and the rain for the end of the week I'll see you on Good Morning Cincinnati starting at 4:25!

Find me on Facebook: Josh Knight WKRC and on Twitter @JoshKnightWX for updates and to chat during the show!

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