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Smokin' O's From A Vortex Cannon

Updated: Friday, December 19 2014, 04:06 PM EST

Experiment #2

Things you will need:

-32 Gallon Plastic Garbage Can

-Duct Tape

-Black Plastic Bag

-Golf Ball

-Bungee Cord

-Fog Machine

-Utility Knife

What you need to do:

Cut a 9”-12” diameter hole in the bottom of a 32 gallon plastic garbage can.
Cut a black plastic bag open and wrap a golf ball in the bag. Secure the golf
ball within the plastic with either a bungee cord or duct tape. Cover the top
or large opening of the plastic garbage can with the plastic bag, aligning the
golf ball in the middle of the opening. Attach the plastic bag using duct tape.
Use the fog or smoke machine to fill the garbage can with smoke through the
small opening. Point the small hole away from you and pull back on the golf
ball. The bag should snap just a bit throwing a smoke ring across the room.

What is going on here:

Our vortex cannon generates vortex rings, or rolling donut-shapes of fluid
which move through the air, (another fluid). Because of the way they rotate, a
vortex ring can hold itself together and travel quite a distance.


Smokin' O's From A Vortex Cannon

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