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Bubbles...Tiny and Mongo Big!

Updated: Friday, December 19 2014, 04:04 PM EST

Experiment #4

Things you will need:

-2 Big Bowls

-Dry Ice

-Dish Detergent

-One Teaspoon Sugar

-Warm Water

-Long Piece of Dish Cloth

-Gloves to Handle Dry Ice

-Safety Glasses

What you need to do:

Bowl #1- Place warm water in a bowl with a few squirts of dish detergent. 
Stir gently and toss a handful of dry ice into the bowl. Tiny Bubbles

Bowl #2- Place warm water into a bowl then add a handful of dry ice.  Use
a skinny, long piece of dish cloth that has been soaking in a solution of 2
cups of water, ½ cup dishwashing liquid, and 2 teaspoons sugar to wipe across
the top of the bowl.  A big-Mongo bubble should form.

What is going on here:

When you freeze water you get ice.  When you melt ice you get water. 
When you freeze Carbon Dioxide you get dry ice.  When dry ice is put into
water it sublimates back into the gaseous form of carbon dioxide.  In bowl
#1, the soapy water traps carbon dioxide and water vapor in the form of bubbles
and bubbles.  In bowl #2 you are capturing the carbon dioxide and water
vapor with one big bubble.

Bubbles...Tiny and Mongo Big!

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