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Best Cloud in a Bottle EVER!

Updated: Friday, December 19 2014, 04:05 PM EST

Experiment #1

Things you will need:

-Bicycle Pump

-Valve Stem for a Tubeless Tire

-A Clear 2 Liter Bottle

-Rubbing Alcohol

-Duct Tape -Safety Glasses

What you need to do: Pour a small amount, ½ teaspoon, of rubbing alcohol into a
clear two liter bottle. Swish the rubbing alcohol around for about 15 seconds.
Attach the valve stem to the bicycle pump and put the stem in the opening of
the two liter bottle. You may have to use a bit of duct tape to get a tight
fit. Pressurize the bottle with about 5 pumps and the quickly remove the stem
from the bottle. Poof! The bottle is filled with a cloud
instantaneously. Clo

uds form as air rises and condenses as air pressure is reduced in the
atmosphere. As air expands and cools, clouds
will form. How can we do this in a bottle? Rubbing alcohol evaporates at a
faster rate than water. This is the reason we use rubbing alcohol. Alcohol
molecules are found everywhere in the bottle as alcohol vapor. Pressurizing the
bottle squeezes molecules together. Releasing the pressure allows the air to
expand so cooling takes place. The cooling allows alcohol molecules to stick
together or condense, forming tiny alcohol droplets. This cloud is a group of
tiny alcohol droplets.

Clouds on Earth form when warm air rises and its pressure is reduced. The air
expands and cools, and clouds form as the temperature drops below the dew
point. Invisible particles in the air in the form of pollution, smoke, dust or
even tiny particles of dirt help form a nucleus on which the water molecules
can attach.



Best Cloud in a Bottle EVER!

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