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Bernoulli, Bernoulli, Bernoulli

Updated: Thursday, July 24 2014, 09:45 AM EDT

Experiment #3

Things you will need:

-A Piece of Paper

-(2) 2 Liter Bottles

-Small Hose

-10 Straws


-Hose that Fits the Funnel

-Ping Pong Ball

-Hair Dryer

-Small Basketball

-Leaf Blower

-Safety Glasses

What you need to do:

#1 Blow over the top of a piece of paper.

#2 Lay (2) 2 Liter bottle about 4 inches apart on 5 straws each. Blow between
the bottles with a small hose.

#3 Put a ping pong ball in an upside down funnel and blow hard.

#4 Support a ping pong ball in the air with a hair dryer-tilt the dryer and
watch the ball still suspended.

#5 Support a small basketball in the air with a leaf blower. Tilt the leaf
blower. The basketball remains suspended.

What is going on here:

The Bernoulli principle states that as the speed of a moving fluid, (gas or
liquid), increases, the pressure within the fluid decreases. Bernoulli makes it
all possible!

Bernoulli, Bernoulli, Bernoulli

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