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Former husband who shot pregnant wife up for parole, wife speaks out

CINCINNATI (Deb Dixon) -- Tracey Wright thought a protection order would protect her against her abusive, controlling husband. 

She filed domestic violence charges against him but in court Anthony Thomas turned to her and said, "Paper can't stop bullets."  He was right.

That was the summer of 1991.  What happened next was at the heart of the story.  Thomas followed Tracey in his car and rammed into her car as she drove through Eden Park.  Then he chased her; chased her and shot her.

Tracey said, "As I was running away he shot me in the back.  It lifted me up and threw me to the ground. I couldn't move.  He started to walk away, then turned as if he remembered the promise he made to kill me, but I was still alive.  He stood over me, pointed the gun and point blank range and shot me in my neck.  I think he was trying to shoot me in the head but missed."

Tracey was pregnant with his baby. He didn't care.

An emergency room nurse jogging through the park found Tracey and started working on her, saving her life.  Thomas was caught, convicted and sentenced to up to 25 years in prison plus three years for using a gun.  Thomas has come up for parole after serving nearly all his sentence.

Tracey met with parole board members Monday, August 18 and told them about her nightmares of being chased down and her fear that Thomas will hunt her down to finish the job.  Tracey said Thomas was still angry and blamed her for being in prison.  The Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office wrote a letter opposing Thomas' parole that said he was a violent man who never accepted responsibility for what he did.

Tracey said by going to the parole board she was showing Thomas he didn't win, and that he couldn't control her life anymore.

CLICK HERE to send a message to the parole board through the prosecutor's PAROLE WATCH website.

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