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Little girl writes scathing, viral note to her now ex-boyfriend

CINCINNATI (Derek Drake) -- As the old Neil Sedaka song goes... "Breaking up is hard to do..." But for one little girl... It seems pretty simple.

Rachel, the little heart-breaker who wrote this funny note, seems to have done a rather good job of putting aside emotions, and telling it like it is.

Her awesome letter to her schoolhouse love interest to inform him that it's all over has gone viral after being posted on a number of social media outlets.

From the beginning of the letter, we find out that the boy she is breaking up with is called Shawn. A young boy, who apparently made a critical relationship no-no. Not communicating. Like... At all!

Some wondered in internet forums why Rachel let it go 3 months, but that's beside the point.

"You need to git [sic] it together or you will never git mareed and that would be sad," Rachel wrote.

She ends the letter telling Shawn that he should get married some day, but it's not going to be to her.

However, we see the potential for an adorable, viral wedding speech if they eventually do wind up back together and walking down the aisle together.

Though Rachel may not be the best speller in her class, she is certainly a very determined person.

Boys, heed her advice. If you like a girl... TALK TO HER!


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