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Get ready: The wet part of winter

CINCINNATI (Joe Webb) -- The warmer weather is welcome but be careful what you wish for when it comes to weather.

The rain beats the snow but when it comes on top of it there can be serious problems.  The rain will do a good job of washing the salt off driveways and sidewalks but while it's cleaning up some of the winter residue outside your home it may be doing damage inside. 

Those icicles hanging from your gutters are beautiful but are hiding an ugly secret.  It's a hidden danger that's been building as the sun and heat that leaked from your roof melts some snow and drains into your gutters.  But when it's this cold, the gutters quit doing what they're supposed to.

John Allen of Cincinnati Gutter and Roof Protection said, "We have gutters that are full of ice.  You can tell by the icicles hanging down off the gutters.  More than likely the downspout's plugged up.  A lot of times if you want to see if your gutters and downspouts are full of ice, sometimes you can just push on the downspout and if you hear that you know theyre plugged up and full of ice."

The rain has nowhere to go but under your shingles and into your house or over the top of the gutters and around your foundation.  Dan Reckelhoff of Mr. Handyman is in Milford Monday repairing a door but knows later in the week he's likely to see the work of those frozen gutters.

"You're going to have houses where the water just seeps down and gets in the basements.  You may have to make sure your sump pump's working properly and have somebody come out and check it," he said.

Not every home has a sump pump.  And not every sump, even if it's working, is immune to what the winter of 2014 has dished out.  Some of the lines could be frozen, cracked or busted apart.

Preventative maintenance is the name of the game.  But unless you have de-icing cables in your gutters winters like this will give you gutters that need help.  If you live in a neighborhood where your gutters drain into pipes that empty into the street, make sure those pipes are not covered with snow plowed to the curb on your street.

If you have damage from the ice and rain the good news is some homeowner's policies will consider it storm damage.




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