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A Faster Way Through Airport Security

CINCINNATI (Jeff Hirsh) -- Airport security.

Line up, take off your shoes... you know the drill. 

But now, a way to get around all that has come to our airport.  Wouldn't it be nice to, say, sleep in a bit later and not rush to the airport, and then not have to worry about that long line in front of you at the security check point?

If you travel a lot, or even a little, this is for you: How would you like to go through airport security without taking off your shoes, or removing your laptop, sweater, or taking small liquids out of your luggage?  Well, guess what, this is TSA's Pre-Check.

Cincinnati is now one of only eight airports nationwide with a pre-check sign up office in the airport itself.  Many other airports have such an office, but those are off site and less convenient. 

"The business community and the airlines have coordinated to make sure that our airport experience is superior to other competing airports."

"We want everybody to come back to their home town airport."

At the pre-check office you sign up by presenting your birth certificate and driver's license, or a passport.  You'll be asked a few questions, get fingerprinted, and in about three weeks, assuming you pass, you'll get a special number which you plug in when printing out your boarding pass.

That lets you go through the pre-check line, a faster line where everybody wears shoes.

"We compare it to the grocery store where you have 15 items or less.  So you have that or the standard screening, which takes a little longer to go through than pre-check."

It's important to point out that pre-check passengers still have to go through metal detectors and x-ray machines.  It's just quicker to get to there.  And with CVG having an office inside the airport, it's quicker to get there.

"What we're doing is rolling out these enrollment centers across the country.  We hope to have 300 of them by the summer."

Stephen Clear of Anderson Township was heading for Ft. Meyers, Florida.  81 degrees, he quickly pointed out.  Clear is already a pre-check passenger.

It's great.  I flew from Ft. Meyers to Minneapolis to visit the grandchildren this past weekend.  I was able to clear thru Ft. Meyers, which was very busy, so it worked well."

Now there is a fee for this service, 85 dollars, but that's good for five years.  A small price to pay to keep yourself reunited with your shoes.  Most major airports in the US have separate pre-check lines.  At smaller airports where the program is in effect, there's just one line but you can still go through faster with your shoes on and so forth.

The pre-check sign-up office is located on the baggage claim level and is open Monday through Friday from nine to five.  Pre-check is for domestic travel only.  There is a separate sign-up procedure and a separate off-airport processing site for international travel.




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