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School Letter Calls Athletic Teen Overweight

 NAPLES, Florida (WKRC) -- A Florida mother is upset with her daughter's school after  the athletic teen was sent home with a letter saying she was 'overweight'.

Lilly Grasso is 5'5" and 124 pounds.  Her mother Kristin says she's athletic and healthy. She plays volleyball.  However, the letter that was sent home warned of the dangers of obesity.
The middle school volleyball player has a BMI of 22, which resulted in her being labeled as overweight by the county health department, according to the letter.

The upset mother pointed out that a girl her age and size has a BMI of 20.8, which is healthy weight, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

The letter also lists the girl as being two inches shorter than she currently is, according to the Orlando
Sentinel, which makes the BMI calculation performed by the school wholly inaccurate.

Kristen says she's worried the letters will cause children to have self-esteem issues.

After several years of rising childhood obesity rates, the ranks of the young and overweight have begun to drop in at least 17 states, according to the CDC. Florida is one of them.

(Information from the Orlando Sentinel)



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