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Stranger Pays it Forward and Donates Truck

READING, Ohio (Adam Clements) -- A local man makes a big sacrifice to help out a school in trouble, giving up a treasured, vintage car to help save it. Now he finds himself on the receiving end of a similar gesture. Local 12 news reporter Adam Clements shows us this case of good karma.
For Gerry Rack, it was more than just a car, "66, corvette..327..350 horse..four speed." For Gerry it was a badge of honor, a gift to himself after returning home safely from the Vietnam War, "I just wanted one, I always wanted one. I just liked the design and everything about it".
In 2006, Saints Peter and Paul grade school in Reading was in danger of closing, there wasn't enough money to keep it open. Gerry and his wife Bonnie couldn't let that happen, "Gerry, I think I know how we can save the school and he says, how? And I said, let's raffle off your Corvette. And i'm thinking no sooner that I said that, he's going to say, you're crazy. keep praying."
Gerry says "she took care of my aunt when she got Alzheimer's for about 12 years at the house, moved her into my house, she did that for me. I said you take that car, if you want it, have it, if that's what you want.."
Bonnie was proud of her husband, "it's really touched me that he's done this for the community, for me, for our grandkids. It really does truly show who he is."
Fast forward to September 20th, 2013, a good seven years after Gerry donated the 'Vette to help save the school. Bonnie gets an unusual call from a car dealership all the way in Arizona. "He said a person or persons came in to our shop and told us the story about Saint Peter and Paul Academy and your husband giving up a 1966 Corvette, and he said it was time for the kids to give something back to Gerry."
It was a '67 Chevy pickup and it was Gerry's. "I said, Bonnie, i don't believe this. I still think old Alan Funk's going to come here and Candid Camera is going to come here and haul it back where it came from."
Now, Gerry uses his new, gently used truck to take his grandkids to the very school that was once destined for doom. Bonnie says, "he was able to pay this forward. Now, somebody else paying it forward to him. I think what a gift." And as for Gerry, "I'd say God works in mysterious ways, that's all I can say."
Bonnie says she couldn't help but smile when she saw the shipping address on the truck when it arrived. It came from Surprise, Arizona.

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