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Ask the Experts: What Is Facelift Massage?

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- A newer technique in facial massage is getting rave reviews as a secret to younger looking skin. Local 12's Liz Bonis asks the experts at TriHealth about it in today's Medical Edge.

Face it, we all have days, but Laura Lee Evans says for the most part when it comes to aging gracefully,

"Oh I embrace it. I just turned fifty one this year. My new mantra is fifties are fabulous," says client Evans.

They got a little more fabulous she says when she started working with Keith Kaplan, an expert in what's called Bellanina Facelift Massage.

"It is a very pampering relaxing massage that actually gets rid of lines, wrinkles, possibly blemishes as well and just makes you feel wonderful," says Kaplan.

He starts with some general relaxing body work and then in what is like a power hour lunch-time face workout,
he uses a mix of all the right techniques for the secret to eternal youth.

"Basically what makes this different than a facial is the actual contouring that we do," says Kaplan.

The contouring involves heat and then gentle accuepressure and percussion designed to draw the blood to the surface of the skin, which promotes healing and muscle toning.

"The whole idea is to tone the facial muscles to the point where they are tight enough that wrinkles
are disappearing naturally."

Six to twelve one hour sessions are said to give ideal results, but Evans says after just the first facelift massage,

"I looked in the mirror, felt like my skin was a little tighter. Some of the lines between the eyes were sort of diminished. It was wonderful," says Evans.  

What's also wonderful she says is that as part of the treatment, Kaplan shows you homework for younger looking skin as part of the honey technique.

"The honey mixture is actually a mixture of honey, molasses, glycerin, orange blossom and water," says Kaplan.

He let me participate in some of the teaching as the stickiness helps pull the skin up, up and away.

What this is doing is stimulating surface blood flow.

And then he taught us the whipping technique.

"I am whipping my cheeks. You can actually feel that if you do that on your own."

The whole idea is to give you what Kaplan calls facial muscle memory.

"Once you tone the face the muscles have memory and once we get that going ,you can actually build on it."

So much so, maybe it will remember to be forever young?

Facelift massage is about 75 dollars per session. For details you can call 513-985-6772. You can also submit your questions for TriHealth providers by clicking on ask the expert.




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