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Infant Left in Woods Saved by Dog

Updated: Friday, November 15 2013, 12:55 PM EST
BIRMINGHAM, U.K. (WKRC) -- Roger Wilday, 68, was walking his dog, Jade, a German Shepherd, at a park in Britain when she disappeared into the woods.

After numerous failed attempts to call her back, Wilday went to the woods and found out why his dog would not return.

She had found something she intended to protect.

According to the Birmingham Mail, Jade would not move away from a carrier bag laying in the brush. Wilday saw the bag move and realized there was an infant inside.

After calling police, the six-pound baby girl was taken to the hospital and treated by staff, where she has been monitored around the clock by pediatricians.

The staff has named her "Jade" in honor of the German Shepherd which may have very well saved her life.

Walday and his wife say their Shepherd has always loved children -- they have five grandchildren, and this is the first time the dog has ever found anything.

They are waiting for the day they are cleared to reunite with baby Jade at the hospital to see her again.

SOURCEInfant Left in Woods Saved by Dog

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