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Engineers Attempt to Upright Capsized Cruise Liner

Updated: Tuesday, September 17 2013, 12:44 AM EDT
TUSCANY, Italy (WKRC) -- The biggest salvage operation in history is underway off the coast of Tuscany.  As Alphonso Van Marsh tells us, crews are trying to raise the crippled Costa Concordia nearly two years after it capsized, killing dozens of people.

Engineering teams are using massive chains and water-filled steel boxes to help roll the 114,000 ton Costa Concordia upright.  For hours the ship would not budge from the Tuscan reef.

An engineer says, “Finally, 6,000 tons of force broke it loose.”

Thunderstorms overnight delayed the start of the early morning operation off the island of Giglio, an operation with a price tag of nearly $800 million dollars and counting.

Engineers want to flip the ship onto underwater platforms, and eventually tow it away for scrap metal.

In January 2012, the Captain steered too close to the Tuscan coast.

32 people died when the cruise ship capsized - including two Americans.

The shipwreck became a morbid tourist attraction.

The Captain is on trial for manslaughter.

The complicated process of raising the luxury cruise liner he once commanded continues

The method of raising capsized vessels is known in nautical lingo as “parbuckling.”

The technique has been used in the past mainly to recover warships, including the capsized USS Oklahoma.  The US military raised that ship in 1943 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
 Engineers Attempt to Upright Capsized Cruise Liner

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