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Stanley Lightner Indicted On Sex Crimes

Updated: Tuesday, July 30 2013, 12:48 AM EDT
Two of the victims were just 12 years old, when they were threatened with a gun, and raped by a stranger, according to indictments handed up by a Hamilton County Grand Jury.

Now a grand jury has heard evidence against Lightner and charged him with 24 crimes, involving three previously unsolved rapes from 1995.

If it weren't for the science of DNA analysis, those crimes would still be unsolved.

The indictments charge Stanley Lightner with crimes that could send him to prison for life. 13 counts of rape among three victims. Two 12 year olds and a 19 year old.

The grand jury also returned kidnapping sexual penetration charges against Lightner.

He faces gun charges too. The victims say he hit them with a gun or threatened to kill them.

One 12 year old was grabbed on Rhode Island and forced into a vacant garage at gunpoint and raped.

Prosecutor Joe Deters says these were all stranger rapes.

Three days later another 12 year old says she was washing her hands in laundry room, that is when Lightner came in put a gun to her head took her in the woods and raped her. She said he fired a shot and said the next bullet would be in her.

Lightner did 10 years in prison for the 1995 rape of another teenager and the attempted rape of another woman. He got out in 2007 and was required to register his address.

During a sex offender sweep in June he was not living with his mother like he said he was. Lightner was arrested, DNA collected and put in the database for the first time.

There was a hit with the 1995 cold case rapes.

Lightner's mother says she's devastated by the charges. She thought her son was doing well. She says her son loved his job as a cook for a foodservice vendor and never missed a day.

Science says Lightner’s raped three times in three weeks 18 years ago. Police can't help but wonder if there are more victims.

No unsolved rapes from the time Lightner got out of prison until now came up in the database when his DNA was processed.

Deters says he's looking into why the department of corrections didn't put his profile in the database when he got out of prison in 2007.

Stanley Lightner Indicted On Sex Crimes

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