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Heroin Rally

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:28 PM EDT
Parents, children, and friends of heroin addicts joined together Friday to send a strong message. More than 100 people picked-up signs and rallied outside of the Butler County Government Service Center in Hamilton.

Rose-Ann Christen and Candy Murray Abbott just met Friday at the rally but they have a common bond. Heroin crept into their sons' lives. Candy's son is on the road to recovery and Rose-Ann's son, James Barton, died of from an overdose of heroin he got inside of the Hamilton County Jail.

Supporters of the rally believe that education leads to rehabilitation. Candy and other organizers spent time preparing, making signs, and getting the word out about the rally.

Several participants are also frustrated that there aren't more programs for addicts who are looking for help.

Some feel that if do not have the money to check yourself into a rehab center there is no other place for an addict, seeking recover can go to.

John Bohley with the Butler County Alcohol and drug addiction services board says a potential law expanding Medicaid could help.

But for one mother who lost her son, Rose-Ann feels that some people do not care until it affects their own family.

There are several heroin awareness events scheduled for August.
We have a link to some of them HEREHeroin Rally

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