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Buck Euthanized After Breaking Through Downtown Window

Updated: Thursday, October 31 2013, 04:03 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (Angenette Levy) -- An eight-point buck jumped through two windows in the parking garage of the Federal Reserve Bank Tuesday afternoon before running to Great American Ball Park where police and the SPCA surrounded him and tranquilized the wounded animal.

"I originally thought it was gunshots or something like that," said attorney Brett Renzenbrink who was in the stairwell of the parking garage when he heard loud banging sounds and glass shattering.

Renzenbrink watched as the deer threw himself against the walls and slipped down the stairs in an effort to free himself. Another attorney walked into the stairwell and heard noises. At first that man didn't believe Renzenbrink when he told him a deer was making the noise.

"We kept trying to peek to see what was going on and every time we did the thing was running back and forth, bucking into the wall. It was really loud," Renzenbrink said.

The men stayed behind a door leading to the parking garage as maintenance workers tried to get the deer outside. The buck was badly cut from the glass in the windows and had a broken leg.

Renzenbrink captured photos and video of the animal as he stood stunned in the stairwell. After about 10 minutes, Renzenbrink was able to leave the stairwell by walking up the levels of the garage to the street. Then the buck jumped through another window to escape.

"It was caught over there by the Duke building across the street where they just did all of that construction," said Renzenbrink.

A man working on utilities near the Duke Energy building saw the deer run past. He said people were taking photos of the confused and frightened animal as it ran down Main St. toward Great American Ball Park.

"Just a deer running through here with one broken leg, bleeding all the way through here and then ran down Main St. toward the river," Jim Milstead said.

"It was pretty surprising that something that small could crash through a bunch of glass. But it did and it was running down the street," said Brian Kaplan who saw the deer on a coffee break.

The buck surprised a lot of people who were walking on the street downtown. Kevin Smith said the buck nearly hit him as it ran down 4th St. before crashing through the windows.

"I was coming up 4th St. by Wendy's and there's a lot of construction over there. The construction guys was like hey, look out so I'm thinking they was talking to the people that was driving so about the time I turned around, here come this big old deer," Smith said.

Alyssa Faller said she was walking out of Skyline when the buck cornered her and charged toward her.

"There was a gentleman who was a couple of feet away... he walked in front of me and opened up his suit and made himself really big so it was a big obstacle. And it made the deer stop and kind of fall backward so he didn't charge into me so if he's out there I want to say thank you," Faller said.

The buck found a safe haven in the rose garden of Great American Ball Park. It sat wounded and shaken as police and the SPCA surrounded it.

Once tranquilized, it tried to escape.

Cincinnati Police said the deer was barely breathing when the SPCA took it away.

"It is rutting season at this point so deer are going to be making their way into the urban environments more and more during this time of year," said Capt. Paul Broxterman.

No one was hurt in the incident for which Brett Renzenbrink is grateful.

"If I had been five of 10 seconds earlier I mean I would have turned that corner and from what I can tell that glass, I would have been walking right up into the deer coming through the glass," Renzenbrink said.

VIDEO hereBuck Euthanized After Breaking Through Downtown Window

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