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Town Hall on "Stand Your Ground" Tuesday at 7pm

Updated: Tuesday, September 24 2013, 06:32 PM EDT
COLUMBUS, Ohio (ABC6) -- Town Hall on Ohio’s “Stand Your Ground” Law Tuesday at 7p.m. from OSU Union.

As Ohio's lawmakers consider a proposal to expand self-defense laws in the state, supporters and opponents continue to debate the merits of the so-called "stand your ground" bill.

According to OSU law professor Joshua Dressler, Ohio law states: "If there's a place a person can retreat to safely, they're expected to do that rather than kill."

But that stipulation would be a thing of the past if House Bill 203 (Ohio's proposed stand your ground law) passes, according to Ken Hanson of the Buckeye Firearms Association.

"It simply removes the duty to try and outrun the bad guy," Hanson said.
John Gilchrist of Ohio's Association of Police Chiefs has grave concerns about the proposal, saying, "This whole concept of stand your ground is immoral."

Both these men will take part in Tuesday's ABC 6 Your Voice, Your Future town hall meeting on the bill -- and so will the audience. Everyone in attendance will be able to voice their opinions via special instant polls.

Columbus Council Member Michelle Mills is creating a resolution opposing House Bill 203, and believes a public conversation about this controversial measure is vital as the bill is debated within the state legislature.

Gilchrist believes passage of the bill would lead to increased danger in the state.

"This upsets the balance," he said. "It moves it to a situation where more and more homicides will become justified."

But according to Ken Hanson, "203 doesn't give anyone a right to do anything. It simply removes the duty to physically retreat. There is no new legal right created by 203."
Town Hall on "Stand Your Ground" Tuesday at 7pm

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