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Minerva School Becomes Nuisance

Updated: Wednesday, September 18 2013, 10:28 PM EDT
MASON COUNTY, KY (Joe Webb) -- An old school building is falling apart and creating a toxic headache for the county and the people who live nearby.

Minerva school has been closed since the early 1980's and has become a dumping ground for trash and old tires.  The county would bulldoze it, but it's full of asbestos.

Minerva, Kentucky isn't much more than a few buildings at a rural intersection but at one time it had its own school.

A red brick wreck is what's left of Minerva school.

The owner once ran a business out of here but it's now little more than a decaying corpse.  The roof is falling in.  It’s become a dump.  Trees have grown up through discarded tires, and there are lots of discarded tires.

Complaints from neighbors have brought in some help from the county.

The tires will have to be cleaned before any landfill will accept them.  It's obviously an eyesore.  It’s a hazard and a headache for Mason County.

But the real headache for neighbors: mosquitoes. 

The tires hold water and become a perfect habitat for mosquito breeding. 

Candy Hehr says it's been a problem for the last seven or 8 summers, “I have 3 grandchildren and they can't go out and play in the yard.  The mosquitoes eat them up alive. And you can't go out in the evening it's even worse then.”

The county is taking bids to clean up the asbestos and secure the site so no more dumping can take place.  They expect that will cost around 25-30 thousand dollars.

They expect the final price tag will be about 100-thousand more than that.

Mason County has taken the current property owner to court to help with the cleanup process and expense.
Minerva School Becomes Nuisance

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