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Local High School Asks Students to Send Positive Messages

Updated: Tuesday, October 29 2013, 10:07 AM EDT
Bethel, Ohio (Adam Clements) - A local high school is asking students to send out positive rather than negative messages over social media.

Local 12's Adam Clements says most people have smart phones and iPads and Bethel-Tate High School is asking students to use the technology they have to spread an anti-drug message.

Students are asked to use a hashtag, #yourlifeyourchoice, on Facebook and Twitter and to spread their own anti-drug message throughout the community. They will be allotted a certain amount of time during school to use their social media accounts. Students that spread the message are entered in a drawing and can win cash prizes.

Bethel-Tate's Principal, Susen Arn, said it's a program she's all in on and she hopes the students will join her.

"I didn't raise children with social media at all, so yes it's important that the kids learn to have a more positive outlook instead of gossiping and saying negative things or telling the bad things that happen," Arin said, "maybe say something positive to other students, and other friends and their community."Local High School Asks Students to Send Positive Messages

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