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Father of Toddler Shot Speaks Out

Updated: Tuesday, September 17 2013, 11:09 PM EDT
BROWN COUNTY (Deb Dixon) -- A 14 month old shot when her mother was murdered is out of the hospital and she's asking for her mother.

Detectives can't find a motive for the highway killing of 22 year old Brittany Stykes who was five months pregnant.  She was killed in the jeep she was driving on busy US 68 three weeks ago.  Her 14 month old daughter was also shot in the head but survived.

She is out of the hospital, and father Shane is trying to grasp life filled with fear, anger and loss.

Tuesday he granted his first on camera interview to Local 12 news reporter, Deborah Dixon.

At first glance it looks like typical father daughter day at the park.

Look again.

You see the scar from a bullet that went into Aubree's head, skirted the top of her skull then exited.  A miracle her dad says.  Other bullets killed his wife and no one knows who shot into the jeep Brittany Stykes was driving or why.

“Everybody I look at I wonder could they have had something to do with this?”

Shane says until he knows who killed his wife he's afraid to go home.  He and Aubree sleep on his mother's floor. 

Shane says, “I'm usually awakened when I go to hold my wife and she's not there.  I hope I’ll wake up and she'll be there.  When you have everything you ever wanted then it’s gone… I don't know what to do, where to start.  I’m doing what I think I should be doing and that’s spending ever moment with her.”

Shane says he sees Brittany in Aubree.  She asks for her mommy.  Someday he'll try to explain.

“I'm going to explain to her: her daddy was a lucky man, her mom is an angel.  She truly was an angel.  I'm blessed for the time I had with her.  I wish it could have been for the rest of my life.”

Shane says he knows how close Aubree came to dying.  This was the first time detectives on the case saw her.

Deb Dixon asks, “Do you think how close you came to a triple homicide?”

Chief Deputy John Schadle says, “Yes, very much so.  She's a very lucky young lady.  It makes a stronger resolve to get this taken care of.”

Shane says he's getting strength from his family, including two young sons.  He thinks about the unborn baby who died when Brittany did.

“We were hoping for a boy, already had names picked out, Wyatt Shane."

Chief Deputy Schadle says they haven't given up on finding answers in Brown County but they have to think about the possibility this is random and compare it with highway shootings across the country.
Father of Toddler Shot Speaks Out

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