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So Cincinnati: UCMC Has Deep Roots In Local Caregiving

Updated: Wednesday, November 27 2013, 04:38 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Tiffany Wilson) -- You hear us mention the University of Cincinnati Medical Center on the news nearly every day, often several times a day.  It's the only level one trauma center in the region. The hospital gives many crime victims and critical patients a future, but it also has a rich past.
Local 12's Tiffany Wilson shows us why the UC Medical Center is So Cincinnati.
Before Washington Park turned into a mecca for all things hip and cool...
Before Music Hall stood as a cathedral to art in Cincinnati...
Before cars crawled down cobblestone streets or Edison's lightbulb ever glowed...  The University of Cincinnati Medical Center traces its roots.

"It actually started in 1821, believe it or not, as the commercial hospital and lunatic asylum."

In the nearly 200 intervening years, more than just the name has changed.  The medical center moved locations from Over-the-Rhine to Avondale. The buildings themselves have undergone countless updates, renovations and repairs. However, the hospital's calling holds constant.

Lee Ann Liska, President & CEO, UCMC:
"That mission of treating the poor and under-served has been preserved throughout the history of UC Medical Center."

Guided by a desire to educate and serve, experienced physicians trained residents in this surgical amphitheater, one of only two remaining in the United States.
In 1960, diligent work by Doctor Albert Sabin led him to discover the oral polio vaccine.

"That has saved millions of lives across the country."

Other UC Medical Center innovations include the popular drug, Benadryl, and a unique laser used in neuro-surgeries.      
In addition to these massive medical breakthroughs, patients commend the hospital for the quality of care.

"These doctors they are tremendous, they gave me a life."

Joan Craft, Patient:
"We're taking care of the sickest of the sick in the city."

Doctor Keith Wilson, who's Chief of Staff, says as the region's only level one trauma center, the hospital's atmosphere can be intense.  But in other ways, Cincinnati's culture slows down the daily pace.

"It's not uncommon for family members to stay with the patients. That does a tremendous amount of good for the patient, just to know that their family members are close by and they can take care of them with the nursing staff. And I just think that's a great thing about Cincinnati."

Dr. Keith Wilson, Chief of Staff, UC Medical Center:
"UC Medical Center is a very special place. It's always busy, it's ever changing and the people who work here are so committed and I think that hasn't changed since 1821, when it was the Commercial Hospital and Lunatic Asylum, to the Commercial Hospital, to the General Hospital, to University Hospital, and to now the UC Medical Center. It has that same energy."

The hospital's transcendent commitment to care makes UC Medical Center "So Cincinnati."
About 85-thousand patients go through the UC Medical Center's emergency department every year.
So Cincinnati: UCMC Has Deep Roots In Local Caregiving

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