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So Cincinnati: University of Cincinnati's McMicken Hall

Updated: Saturday, November 16 2013, 02:46 PM EST
CINCINNATI (John Lomax) -- A University of Cincinnati administrator calls it the "Fountain Square" of the university.

That would be McMicken Hall.  It is so closely associated with UC you'll find its image on just about everything from key chains to stationery. 

Good Morning Cincinnati's John Lomax shows us why this campus landmark is So Cincinnati.

If a class on Shakespeare is not a dead giveaway, how about the unusual class descriptions on the walls of the halls?  And the clincher should be just the way the building looks from the outside.

University of Cincinnati Archivist, Kevin Grace, said, When you look at it from outside, you know this is a campus building.  It couldn't be anything else.

This is McMicken hall at the University of Cincinnati, named for Charles McMicken, an original benefactor of the idea of a university for the city.
It's actually the second McMicken Hall.  The first was built in the late 1800s.  The second replaced it in 1950.

This is the identifying building for the University of Cincinnati.
University archivist, Kevin Grace, says because McMicken is the home of the College of Arts and Sciences, it has a special status.

This is where most of the students have gone through at one time or another. The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest college at UC.  Also because it's the home of Mick and Mack, our two lions that are truly the symbols of the University of Cincinnati.

Now, their names are Mick and Mack and that obviously comes from the name of McMicken Hall.  (Mack-Mick-en hall)  John Lomax was told Mick is the one of the left.  The one on the right is Mack.  But you can't get that confirmed because they're not talking.

They were not originally intended to be here, but they're not stray kitties either.

They were originally owned by Cincinnati businessman, Jacob Hofner, patterned after statuary he saw in Europe.  They ended up in front of the original McMicken Hall and have been warmly embraced.  Apparently in more ways than one.

They've been at UC since 1904. Occasionally they've had their tales broken off, so there is a permanent mold for casting new tails.

The lions have been in front of both McMicken Halls, but the cupola is distinct to this one.  The outside is impressive.  The inside, just as much. 

Not that you can just walk in.

It's locked away and then there's the long climb up winding steel mesh stairways.  Very few people get chance to come up into the cupola of this particular building.  And those who have been here want you to know it. From the signatures of pledge classes to proud window washers; if you make it here, why not seize the day and let people know you've seen the campus in a special way.

It's a little bit intimidating when you get up to the top but you can see for miles. Its a wonderful view.

A wonderful view from inside a landmark that is So Cincinnati.

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