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So Cincinnati: Schenz Theatrical Company

Updated: Monday, October 28 2013, 10:31 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (Rich Jaffe) -- With Halloween fast approaching you may be wondering first what to wear and next where to find it.

Tucked away in Camp Washington is a local costume business that's been part of the fabric of this community for nearly half a century providing outfits to everyone from stars to Presidents.

Local 12 News reporter Rich Jaffe shows us why Schenz Costumes are So Cincinnati.

Jonn Schenz began his professional career as a classically trained dancer but along the way his focus shifted from what performers do to what they wear.

Since 1966 his Cincinnati costume company has been dressing everyone from stage stars to Santas.

Jonn Schenz tells us, "Christmas is about as big for us as Halloween in a way."

Racks and racks of costumes are stashed away here at the shop on Colerain Avenue.

Some of the collection actually goes back to the time of Lincoln, 1852!

Schenz says, "Civil War, World War one, World War II, the Great Depression, it's survived through all that, we don't have the right to lose it."

For 33 years, Schenz has provided the Easter bunnies for the White House, serving five different Presidents, and he has the pictures to prove it!

Shenz is a lot more than just a costume shop, it's more like a costume consultant.  If you don't have any idea what you should be wearing to an event you can come in here and John and his staff will help you find your inner self, guide you to what you should be wearing...or maybe not."

Shaun Finlay's hosting a costume party for one hundred people this weekend, he's going as Rhett Butler.  Why Schenz?

"Schenz is a Cincinnati gem. Been here for a long time and you can't get this type of wear from anywhere else. Absolutely one of Cincinnati's finest, been coming here for years."

Forced to consolidate space, Schenz is selling off some of the stock including a bunch of real coffins.  So whether you're looking for a handmade Elizabethan doublet, with one hundred hours of work in it, a my Fair Lady's Henry Higgins hat, or just a big bunny head, avisit to Schenz will show you why costumes are So Cincinnati.

Schenz has worked with every major theatrical venue in Cincinnati from Playhouse in the Park to the opera.

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So Cincinnati: Schenz Theatrical Company

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