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So Cincinnati: Pleasant Ridge Chili

Updated: Tuesday, January 21 2014, 10:59 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Angenette Levy) -- For 50 years people have been lining up at Pleasant Ridge Chili for cheese coneys and so much more.

"We not belong to nobody. We are independent. We run it together."

Mina Sideris's late husband, Tony, opened Pleasant Ridge Chili in 1964 with his father, Charlie.  The family came to the US from Greece.  When Charlie retired Tony and Mina took over serving up the family's version of Cincinnati chili.

Mina Sideris said, "We worked together back to back everyday, everyday. Except Sunday I go to church.  I think it was a good opportunity and hard work and passion and that's it."

Everything here is made from scratch. 

Danny said, "That's the gravy right there brother. Gravy."

And the business has stayed in the family.  Danny Sideris took over the restaurant from his parents several years ago.

"I used to come here when I was five years old with my father instead of watching cartoons on Saturdays, washing dishes back there and all kinds of stuff. Yeah. I love it."

One of the things that sets Pleasant Ridge Chili apart from the rest is a dish of gravy cheese fries.  They're completely delicious and the recipe is top secret.

Angelo Catanzaro said, "I'm personally addicted to the roast beef because they cook it themselves here."

Catanzaro is a family friend who's been a customer for decades.  It's not hard for him to explain why he and others keep coming back.

"The cleanliness, the consistency of the food, and the pleasantry of the food is kind of the package of why I like this place.  The staff here is really friendly. They've been here, there's people that have been here 30 years so it's always the same faces when you come in."

This week the Siderises celebrated their golden anniversary by offering up free baklava and 99 cent cheese coneys.

"This is for you. Congratulations on 50 years."

And the city of Cincinnati declared this past Wednesday Pleasant Ridge Chili Day, family, friends and good food.  It's just part of the reason why Pleasant Ridge Chili is So Cincinnati.

Pleasant Ridge Chili is open Monday through Saturday 9a-m to 4:30 a-m.  The restaurant is closed Sundays.

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