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So Cincinnati: Krohn Conservatory

Updated: Friday, January 31 2014, 09:35 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Jeff Hirsh) -- You may have to tromp through snow to get there but people can find spring in Cincinnati in the middle of winter.

When they walk into the Krohn Conservatory the flower colors just pop. 

"It really stops people in their tracks when they see it."

Welcome to the Krohn Conservatory where permanent exhibits mix with special displays, in this case, the spring flower show.

"The cornucopia of color, it explodes in the eye, and I especially love this fountain."
A fountain which, mercifully, will not freeze because the whole thing is indoors.  The smells and the color and the humidity in the air, it's like walking into Florida.  Krohn Conservatory dates to 1933 and has brought color and fragrance to the Queen City ever since. 

Irwin Krohn was a park board commissioner who had a vision for this place and he worked very hard to get it established.  It's remarkable that he succeeded.  It was during the great depression.

Every spring show is a mixture of the familiar and the new.  Some of the new pink and purple flowers are called primroses.  They are very unusual in Cincinnati.  The spring show has 3,800 plants.  The theme is Avant Garden so there are a few unusual items, some to emphasize recycling.

"One of our designers here went to a flea market and brought boxes of used dishes and she glued them together in the shape of flowers and they're all through the room.

The spring show runs through March 30th.  By then, spring will actually be here on the calendar.  Until then, you can find it at Krohn.

"Well I keep posting these pictures online of this place and I'll post a caption that says 'Think spring' and while you're doing so, stop to smell the flowers."

Once the spring show ends, the crew at Krohn takes a couple of weeks to set up for the next special exhibit, the annual Butterfly Show, which opens April 12th. So Cincinnati: Krohn Conservatory

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