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So Cincinnati: Holtman's Donuts

Updated: Monday, October 28 2013, 04:00 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (WKRC) -- You can find them in gas stations, conference rooms and kitchens across the country, but not like this.
The Holtman family started serving handmade, fresh donuts in the sixties.  Since then, people from all across the Tri-State have swarmed to their Loveland store for a sweet treat.

Local 12's Tiffany Wilson explains why the family donut shop is So Cincinnati.

The sign out front hasn't changed since 1964 and neither has the secret recipe.

"I've got some glazed, sprinkles, you guys like cake donuts? That what you're after?"    

Ruth Holtman Woods, Holtman's Donuts:
"With more than 30 rotating flavors, it can be tough to choose."
"If your imagination can take it, we can make it."

Ruth Holtman woods grew up in this shop.

"From knee high to a grasshopper"

Today, she helps her sister, Toni, run Holtman's Donuts.

"Once you go to Holtman's, there's nowhere else to go."

You could credit their success to the hometown appeal.

"Thank you for the best donuts in the world."

And affordable prices...
"Let me get you for 95 cents all together."

But Ruth says the secret to Holtman's success goes much deeper.

"You can't beat the TLC."

To find that, just step into the kitchen, where every donut is rolled, cut, fried, and dipped by hand just the way Chuck Holtman taught them.

"My dad started and he wanted his kids to learn how to do something and that was donuts."

Toni Holtman Plazarin, Holtman's Donuts:
"The workbench their dad used continues to churn out about 180-dozen donuts daily."

"We make every dough by scratch."

From start to sale, it takes about 45 minutes and it's a complete family affair. Toni's son mans the rolling pin.  Her daughter's fiance handles the fryer.

"There's no timer on them. Everything's done with the head and with sight."

Chris Durbin, Holtman's Donuts:
"Then her daughter and future daughter-in-law do the dipping."

"Every time you reach in and pull them out, you get a little more glaze on each and every one."

"I simply could not resist, here we go, ohhh still warm there is nothing like that, that is amazing."

In the 60's, the Holtman family operated 13 donut shops around the Tri-State. Only this one off Ohio 28 survived.
"We kept the little shop going, the little engine that could."

Now, the engine is picking up steam. They opened a second location in Williamsburg in 2009.

Toni's son and fiance are set to open a new shop in Over-the-Rhine on August 31st.

"It's been a dream come true for both of us."

"This is one of the best things that anyone could ever ask for, to be born into a family that has a tradition. That has a secret recipe."

Lorrie Plazarin, Holtman's Donuts:
"It's a wonderful thing to pass on to your kids, they'll always have a place, just like I always had a place."

It's that focus on family, that emphasis on tradition that makes Holtman's Donuts "So Cincinnati."

"Alright, I'm going for another."

Tiffany Wilson, Local 12 News.

The Loveland location is open four a.m. until 11 p.m. every day, but Sunday.     They bake twice a day, so your donuts are always fresh.So Cincinnati: Holtman's Donuts

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