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So Cincinnati

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So Cincinnati: Cavalcade of Customs

Updated: Friday, January 10 2014, 09:17 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Joe Webb) -- If you don't like chrome, nice paint or cars the Cavalcade of Customs isn't for you.

But if you do, the Cincinnati Convention Center is a sacred and beautiful place this weekend.  Jason Taylor has been coming since he was a kid.  Friday he brought his son Thomas to look and dream.

"Fantasy. Knowing that you can't afford, I can't afford nothing like this an seeing it is pretty cool."

Since 1960, it's been an annual rite of winter in Cincinnati.  500 plus muscle cars, motorcycles, hot rods and trucks.  Wall to wall vintage cars that have been restored and transformed into customized classics.

One of the Chevy's rolled off the factory floor about the same time I was born.  We both got a lot of miles on us, but it looks like it held up a little better. 

"These cars that they're restoring today, the quality of the restorations has just gone through the roof.  These cars are better than they came from the factory."

And they are the pampered pets of proud owners.  Before the show opened to the public, these classy rides got the last bit of TLC.  The final polish on the chrome.

A 1970 Torino GT convertible is Tom Tekulve's baby.  He found it in a barn in North Dakota and brought it back to life in Cincinnati. 

"Believe it or not this was the first car I ever owned in high school. Similar to this. It's just something that sticks with you."

And it's something that's stuck with Cincinnati.  Other car shows come and go but the Cavalcade of Customs has rolled on into its sixth decade.  Promoters say it has to do with a rare combination of talent here.  For car guys, muscle, metal and art all seem to come together in Cincinnati.

"Overall quality of paint? This is absolutely the best show in the country.  Now you would think Pomona, California or something. No. Cincinnati, Ohio.  This is a wicked, wicked show. It's really nice to see this and be able to see a show like this.  Cavalcade of Customs the last 54 years and still be this successful and high quality. This is really a big deal."

And to steal a line from Thomas Taylor, "It is pretty cool."

The Cavalcade of Customs opened its doors Friday afternoon and runs through Sunday.  Friday night, racing fans get a chance to meet Richard and Kyle Petty.So Cincinnati: Cavalcade of Customs

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