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Government Shutdown
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Federal Workers Anxious to Return to Work

Updated: Thursday, October 17 2013, 12:11 AM EDT
COVINGTON, Ky. (Joe Webb) -- All of America has been watching the shutdown closely, but no one as closely as the 800,000 federal workers who've been off the job for two weeks.

Thousands of local workers who do everything from processing taxes to monitoring the air and water have been furloughed and are ready to get back to work.  Local 12's Joe Webb caught up with some of those workers Wednesday night.

The Government Center here in Covington has been silent for the last two weeks as hundreds of IRS workers have been forced to stay at home.  It's effected them, their families and the businesses around here that depend on them.

But Wednesday night they have some hope.

For 13 years, Glenda Huff has been a tax examiner at Covington’s IRS facility.  Wednesday night she's on her porch, on Facebook checking with co-workers for the latest word on going back to work.  For two weeks she's only spent money for food.

Huff and her co-workers aren't the only ones pressed by the shutdown.  The restaurants surrounding the IRS Center have been devastated.  The skyline chili that's usually open until 9p.m. has been closing at 6p.m.  At 4:30 on Wednesday it was dark.

Some workers have organized to protest the shutdown.  Donna Pfirman has been outspoken and thinks that may have helped bring both sides to the table.

Huff is ready to go back but isn't so sure anyone in Washington has heard anything.  Now they wait to hear when they can return to work.

That's the good news.

The bad news is they have to prepare to do the same thing all over again in January. Federal Workers Anxious to Return to Work

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