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Voters Decide Oak Hills School Levy

Updated: Tuesday, November 5 2013, 10:51 PM EST
GREEN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (Angela Ingram) -- A number of local school districts want voters to pass levies.

The Oak Hills district says it will have to make deep cuts, including teacher layoffs, if a levy does not pass.  But not all voters are convinced.  Local 12 News reporter Angela Ingram takes a look at the issue that will have a big impact in Green and Delhi Townships.

Turnout at Oak Hills High School has been steady and consistent.  One of the biggest issues for people in the Green and Delhi Townships is the Oak Hills school levy.

Voters filed into Oak Hills High School to fill out there ballots and cast their votes.  If the levy fails Tuesday the high school would lose 20 teachers.  The middle school would lose 24 teachers.

The five year levy would raise about 5 million dollars a year for the district.  Supporters say that this levy is critical.  Without it, the district will suffer. 

Voters in more than a dozen other local communities will decide on school tax levies or bond issues.  Deer Park, Lakota, West Clermont, Franklin, and Lebanon city schools are all asking for additional levies.

Both Fairfield City Schools and Middletown City Schools are asking for tax levies and bond issues.

Three Rivers Schools, Williamsburg Local Schools, and Springboro Schools all have renewal levies on the ballot.

Voters in the Clinton Massie district are being asked to pass a one- percent income tax for schools.

Watch video HEREVoters Decide Oak Hills School Levy

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