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Republican Approval Rates Take a Hit after Shutdown

Updated: Tuesday, October 22 2013, 10:36 AM EDT
WASHINGTON (CBS News) -- In the aftermath of the government shutdown and debt ceiling debate, both Republicans and Democrats in Congress get low job approval ratings, but Republicans fare worse.  While 31% of Americans approve of the way Democrats in Congress are doing their job, just 18% approve of how Republicans are doing theirs.   Disapproval of Republicans in Congress has risen five percentage points since before the shutdown.

The Tea Party is also taking a hit in public opinion polls. Just 14% of Americans hold a favorable view of the Tea Party, that's down from 18% before the government shutdown.

Conservative Republicans hold net positive views of the tea party (40 percent have a favorable opinion); Democrats and liberals hold especially negative views.

Sixty percent of Americans don't think the Tea Party reflects the views of most Americans, but the movement's backers don't feel they hold a minority view - in fact, the opposite: As with many groups, tea party supporters think their own views are held by most Americans.

Meanwhile, most Americans continue to view the economy's condition negatively: Two thirds think it's in bad shape; just 32 percent think it is doing well.Republican Approval Rates Take a Hit after Shutdown

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