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Qualls and Cranley Make Last Minute Campaign Push

Updated: Tuesday, November 5 2013, 10:50 PM EST
MT. AUBURN, Ohio (Jeff Hirsh) -- Candidates and issues are on the ballot Tuesday for voters in Ohio.

The polls closed at 7:30 Tuesday night and when the votes are counted, they will usher in change at Cincinnati City Hall.

Either Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls, or former councilman John Cranley will become the mayor.  Current Mayor Mark Mallory, who's held the office for eight years, is term limited out. 

In the primary Cranley beat Qualls by 19 per cent.  But fewer than 6 per cent of the voters showed up for the primary.  Nobody expects the margin to be that big Tuesday. 

Whomever is the winner, both mayoral candidates were out early Tuesday morning casting the ballots you'd expect.  Cranley saic, I voted for myself!

Qualls told Local 12, It is a busy day but this is what it's all about.

It's also all about who will lead the city for the next four years and what each candidate said at the end of the campaign mirrored what they'd said the past few months.

For John Cranley: no parking deal, and especially, no streetcar.  It was the same message over and over.

He said, I've been very clear with the voters what my priorities are.

For Roxanne Qualls, a streetcar and parking deal supporter, it was more of a policy wonky kind of message.

The first thing we're going to do is reinstate the shared services commission and begin to work with Hamilton County.

This is not the first time Roxanne Qualls and John Cranley have run against each other.  Back in 2007, when both ran for city council, both were elected.  Qualls came in first, Cranley came in second.  The margin, three votes.

It may not be that close this time but they've both been running as if it will be.

The new mayor and new city council take office December first.  There will have to be at least one new council member, because Vice Mayor Qualls is running for mayor, and cannot run for council as well.

Watch video HEREQualls and Cranley Make Last Minute Campaign Push

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