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Low Turnout Expected on Election Day

Updated: Monday, November 4 2013, 06:18 PM EST
HAMILTON COUNTY, Ohio (Jeff Hirsh) -- Tuesday is election day in Ohio, but if early votes are any indication, turnout may be low.   

So far in the City of Cincinnati, where there is a mayor’s race, a city council race, and a controversial measure about changing the city’s pension system, the number of early voters is significantly less than in previous years.
Officials at the Hamilton County Board of Elections tell Local 12 News that about 20,000 people have requested early ballots, and about 15,000 of those ballots have been sent in with votes.  Four years ago, in the last mayoral election, more than 52,000 people voted early, either in person or by mail.  And in 2011, with a city council race but no mayoral election, about 43,000 early votes were tabulated.
Some political observers have suggested the lower number this year is because the Board of Elections did not send out early voting applications, as has been done in several previous years.  The Secretary of State has prevented local boards from mailing out such applications for local elections. 

But the Director of the Hamilton County Board of Elections, Amy Searcy, says, “I think it would be too simplistic to point to one factor as to why voting is down. I think the answer is more complicated than we would like. It’s a variety of factors.”
Searcy expects a turnout in the “high 30's percentage” in the City of Cincinnati.  40 per cent, she says, would be “good.”Low Turnout Expected on Election Day

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