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Election Winners and Losers in the 2013 Campaign

Updated: Wednesday, November 6 2013, 09:38 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Jeff Hirsh) -- So who were the real winners and losers in Tuesday's election?

Obviously, that's defined by counting votes.  But as Local 12 News reporter Jeff Hirsh shows us, there are some winners and losers which might not be as obvious from the numbers.

I am proud and honored to be your next mayor, John Cranley told his supporters Tuesday night.  And that one's obvious.  John Cranley is the winner, Roxanne Qualls the loser in the mayor's race.

But here's another winner, PG Sittenfeld, who came in first in the city council race where 9 are elected.  Sittenfeld got nearly 5,000 more votes than John Cranley did.  Sittenfield versus Cranley for mayor in four years?  Could be.

Other big winners, police and firefighter unions, who got the mayor and council they wanted.

Other winners, city employees like Barry Whitton.  Some 130 workers like Whitton submitted tentative retirement papers, in case Issue 4 would pass, cutting their pension benefits.  But Issue 4 was crushed, nearly 80 percent to 20.

Big losers there, the conservative groups which got pension change on the ballot using secret contributions which, by law, could not be traced.

Another potential loser is city manager Milton Dohoney.  Mayor-elect Cranley has said Donhoney can reapply for his job along with other possible applicants.  Not exactly a vote of confidence. 

But perhaps the biggest loser was council member Laure Quinlivan.  She was the one who aggressively and successfully pushed for doubling council terms from two years to four.  The author of 4-year-terms lost.  Quinlivan was also the only council member to criticize the police and fire budgets.  Saying, for example, it was time to right size, in other words shrink, the police department.  That apparently did not go over very well with the voters.

Another winner, the Republican party.  That may seem impossible, seeing as how only two Republicans were elected to city council, and the city remains overwhelmingly Democratic.  But the new city council leans more to the right than the old one, more Republican- esque, if not necessarily members of the GOP.

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