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Why A Midweek Wedding? Because It's 11/12/13

Updated: Tuesday, November 12 2013, 09:55 AM EST
DANA POINT, Calif. ( -- Thousands of couples are preparing to wed Tuesday on the unique date of 11/12/13.

An estimated 2,200 couples plan to tie the knot on Tuesday, according to wedding retailer David’s Bridal.

actually didn’t realize how iconic it was, but I love the numbers
scheme,” said New York bride-to-be Joanna Artiz. “I just thought it was
the cutest thing.”

In Las Vegas, couples were getting their marriage licenses Monday in anticipation of Tuesday ceremonies.

According to wedding website, 11/12/13 is four times more popular than an average Tuesday in November.

Laguna Beach wedding planner Marcy Ann Cheek says she isn’t surprised.

a date people work with; 7/8/09 was a big day,” said Cheek, adding that
she too has a client wedding on Tuesday. “When 07/07/07 hit, I mean we
started at 7 o’clock in the morning and we finished at 10 o’clock that

Laurie and Dennis McCabe celebrated their second
anniversary Monday, after tying the knot on their own numerically
special wedding day.

“We got married on 11/11/11,” said Dennis McCabe.

hoping to tie the knot with a little luck only have one more year to do
it — 12/13/14 is the last sequential date for 100 years. David’s Bridal
says the date is likely to be record-breaking because it will fall on a

The numerically special days are also a helpful way to guarantee the wedding is a date to remember.

“I think it’s the idea that the guy won’t forget his anniversary,” McCabe said.


Getty ImagesWhy A Midweek Wedding? Because It's 11/12/13

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