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Three sisters hold last-minute joint wedding so their dying mother can attend

Updated: Thursday, October 24 2013, 05:30 PM EDT
SNELLVILLE, Ga. (WKRC) -- Days after an emotional triple wedding earlier
this month, three sisters and their family said goodbye to a beloved
Snellville woman.

Becky Swales passed away from breast cancer just hours after her dream to see her daughters walk down the aisle came true.

Sarah and Kaylie Swales planned their triple wedding after learning
that their mother only had a few months to live. They moved the wedding
up three weeks after doctors told them that Becky Swales only had a
short time left.

"It became necessary to move the timeline up for
that ceremony to this past Sunday, where they were married. It was an
unforgettable day," said Tim Gross, the pastor at Evangel Community

Just 12 hours later Becky passed.

"It's been
amazing, the outpouring of support -- just folks in the community that
have never met this family, but so moved by their story," Gross said.

Otis Swales and his daughters buried Becky in a service at the small Snellville church on October 17th.

has left her fingerprint on so many folks, certainly her family, but
also her friends and the members here at Evangel. We will never forget
her," Gross said.

The Swales sisters and their new husbands are
having their wedding reception at Gallery Events on October 26th. The
venue was donated.

"Heaven is described as a wedding reception,
as a wedding feast. She has accepted her invitation to that wedding
feast," Gross said.

The family said that their faith in God has gotten through the rough time.Three sisters hold last-minute joint wedding so their dying mother can attend

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