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Mother Questions School Grading System

Updated: Friday, November 15 2013, 11:21 AM EST
DADE CITY, Fla. (WKRC) -- One Florida mother was furious after she found her seventh-grade son had 4 As, a C and a D on his report card, and still made the honor roll.

Beth Tillack had punished her son for not trying hard enough. She wrote a letter superintendent Kurt Browning. "Talk about minimum standards! So now instead of losing privileges and trying harder, he now thinks he has done enough. I am so shocked."

The superintendent's office sided with Tillack. In an interview with local media, assistant superintendent Amelia Larson said the district wants a better way of communicating progress. She says, "If we give the wrong message, the kids may be content at the level they are at."

Some experts agree.  Ken O'Connor, a Canadian education consultant says "You don't do kids any favors if we're not honest, if we inflate their achievement or we put it down." He calls letter grades "virtually worthless" if you don't let students know where they're showing improvement or need to  improve.

Tillack worked with the district. The principal reviewed the report card with Douglas, pointing out where he still needed to work harder, without discounting that he'd gotten good grades in other subjects.

(Information from the Tampa Bay Times )Mother Questions School Grading System

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