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Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner Rises

Updated: Tuesday, November 12 2013, 10:13 AM EST
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WICS) -- With Thanksgiving just three weeks away, more and more shoppers are finding the cost of their turkey feast is costing more.

"As in years past, the prices are continuing to increase," Food Fantasies Marketing Director Brad Leezer said.

According to the Virginia Farm Bureau it will be, on average, just over $50 to feed a family of ten. That is a roughly $3 increase over Thanksgiving of 2012.

If you're going the organic route?

"There's a cost increase to that because it's free range, it's non-hormone all that," Leezer said.

Newschannel 20 went shopping with a helpful worker at Food Fantasies to find out how much it would cost for a Thanksgiving feast.

We included all the essentials: Stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls, peas, cranberries, carrots, celery, all the makings for a pumpkin pie and, of course, the bird.

"This is probably the first year in a long time we haven't raised any [turkey]," Bear Creek Farm and Ranch Supplier and Grower Matt Daniels said.

Daniels says with the price of grain, it was just too expensive.

"We raise a heritage breed called a Bourbon Red. It takes 28 weeks to feed out, which in that amount of time you could probably do about four batches of the chickens," Daniels said.
Chicken is still a great main course if you are looking to save money.

After adding up our shopping extravaganza, it came to $76.12. But that is for an entire Thanksgiving dinner, enough to feed a large family.

Vea Crawford is filling her cart as she looks to feed a party of 20. But that doesn't mean she's footing the entire bill.

"I do the mainstay ingredients and then everybody brings a little something. If I catch them on sale, which I'm doing, then I anticipate that it will even out. And some of my ingredients I'm getting and preparing, prepping them, and putting them in the freezer," Crawford said.

The good news is farmers say the price of Thanksgiving might go down next year. That's because the price of grain is dropping, a trend they expect to continue as they gear up to raise the birds of 2014.


Getty ImagesCost of Thanksgiving Dinner Rises

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