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Bank ATM spits out $50 bills instead of $20 bills

Updated: Thursday, November 7 2013, 01:29 PM EST
FRESNO, Calif. (WBBJ) -- A Bank of America ATM in California gave some customers more than they were expecting last weekend.

Customers withdrawing money were receiving more than double the amount for which they asked.

Instead of $20 bills, customers received $50s. And instead of $100, they received $250.

Bank of America representatives aren't saying how much money was given, and they won't share any of the ATM video.

Bank of America Media Relations, Colleen Haggerty sent an email, stating, "This was an isolated situation that occurred at our East Fresno banking center on Saturday. Once we were made aware of the issue, it was quickly rectified."

So how did it happen? The bank is not saying but someone probably put the wrong bills in the wrong slot.

Bank of America representatives say they plan to work with customers on an individual basis, to get their money back.

The bank says it has video and personal information on everybody who took money from that ATM over the weekend.


Getty ImagesBank ATM spits out $50 bills instead of $20 bills

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