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Youngest Inventor?

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 09:15 PM EDT
A little boy from Amelia may be the youngest inventor to patent a product. His family credits his ability to a team of neo-natal experts at Good Samaritan Hospital.
When little Elijah was born weighing less than three pounds and neonatologist knew it was a delicate time. It is a time period when babies should be inside their mothers.
So the team at Good Samaritan Hospital did everything possible to give him a chance at life in hopes that one day Elijah would become a thriving picture of success.

Elijah is now 18 months old and his family invited Local 12 News to his recent return to his neonatal intensive care unit to share just how far he's really come.

About six months ago Elijah was playing at home with a drink in one hand and a snack cup in the other.

He decided to place the straw through the bowl so he could hold the drink and snack in the same hand.

His father saw it and thought that it was a great idea. And that is how this prototype of the Kidoozle or Sipper Snacker was born.

Elijah's name is now on the patent, which means this little guy who almost didn't survive at birth, could be the youngest person to ever be put on a patent.

His family came back to the hospital to thank the team of specialist that gave their son a chance at life and his accomplishments in this first 18 months.

As soon as the Sipper Snacker is on the market Elijah’s family will donate proceeds to a fund that helps other families who also have children born prematurely.

Youngest Inventor?

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