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Wellness At Work

Updated: Saturday, September 14 2013, 10:53 AM EDT
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) - Mark your calendar and head to Fountain Square for employee health and fitness day next week.         
Dozens of companies are teaming up to help you get well at work.  
Medical Reporter Liz Bonis shares some of what they are doing for their own employees.
Cathy Koop says staying in shape isn't easy these days when you spend a lot of time at work. So she is one of many taking advantage of any opportunity to fit in fitness at the office.  
She'll hop on  a desk treadmill at a friends company  or take a walk outside on a lunch hour.
Good health habits she found can be contagious. 
So here's a couple things cheryl hardin did at this busy law firm where she works to help friends and co-workers get well at work. she says you could do these, too.
She started Wellness Wednesdays, one day a week where people bring in healthier snack foods. She also got a yoga instructor to come in those days, and do a lunch hour workout. It's cheap if people chip in. Finally she worked with the lifespan fitness consultant to get the company to invest in two of these work-desk treadmills; which have been a huge success.
Cincinnati Employee Health and Wellness Day is Thursday September 19th beginning at 11:30am.Wellness At Work

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