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Signing Up for Insurance at Florence Pharmacy

Updated: Friday, November 8 2013, 10:32 AM EST
FLORENCE, Ky. (Liz Bonis) -- A Florence pharmacy is just one of many places you can now go to sign up for a new health insurance plan in Kentucky. Medical reporter Liz Bonis has what you need to know in today's Medical Edge.

Melissa Rawls credits providers at Faith Community Pharmacy with giving her back a part of her life. "I have major depression, I've had it pretty much my whole life, it was really hard for me to get my medication because I haven't had insurance in some time."

Now she can not only get her medication from this pharmacy, which provides them free to those who can't  afford them, "we help folks who are falling through the cracks who need medication  and they can't afford it, so we are there to help them with the medications that we have."

She can also sign up for health insurance with the help of kynectors as they are called, who know how to navigate the new state run exchange. "there are a lot of misconceptions out there about the exchange, the most common thing is that people think they are signing up for Obamacare, and that Obamacare is healthcare, and what we want people to know is that the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, is actually just the law that is governing new health care options for people," says Dawn Fogerty of Kynect.

They are finding there is a lot of confusion about who should sign up for these statewide plans, and perhaps who is eligible for a plan. Says Melissa, "now that I have been on my medication I'm stable, I just got a job at Kroger about four months ago, July 14th. So God has blessed me."

The problem is that because she is newer and part time, Melissa  not yet eligible for health insurance through her employer. So for the next few months, those who come to the pharmacy, including Melissa,  to get medications, "it made perfect sense to me to say okay the kynectors are here why don't you go and talk with them, and see what your eligibility might be."

Melissa does appear to be a good candidate for a low cost health insurance plan, something she says is good to know on her path back to good health. "I'm working now, and I love my job, and they love me, so I'm really happy."

The Faith Community Pharmacy is supported in part by donations. It has a fundraiser Friday night, November 8,  that you're invited to attend.

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Signing Up for Insurance at Florence Pharmacy

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