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Outreach Program Helps Moms Have Healthy Babies

Updated: Tuesday, October 29 2013, 09:01 AM EDT
ST. BERNARD, Ohio (WKRC) -- A local program shows great success in helping moms have healthy babies. Medical reporter Liz Bonis asks the experts at TriHealth to explain how it works in today's medical edge.

Little De'Maury is now 9 months old but while his mother Stephanie Day was still pregnant she says, " I was homeless, I didn't have a place to live, I was out on the street living with my dad, I wasn't even eating right, I was malnutritioned."

So this group of community health workers,  who are part of the TriHealth Outreach Ministries program, reached out to Stephanie. They helped her not only find a home but also proper prenatal care and a whole lot more.

Says social worker Yolanda Gordon, "we nurture them, a lot of them women don't have relationships with family and friends, and the community health workers take the time to develop relationships to teach them social skills, to teach them how to navigate the system the system can be difficult, so they can get the needs of the families met."

The program is one of just a handful which uses a team approach to actually meet women in their own homes. They will go through with them whatever they need to have a healthy baby, get that baby to a proper weight at birth, and to reduce the odds it will  need to spend additional days in the neonatal intensive care unit.

The outreach program even helped Stephanie get that malnutrition turned around. They did everything from one one one counseling to hands on supermarket shopping with her for healthy food choices. By the time De'Maury was born Stephanie says "he weighed six pounds four ounces."

Since then, Stephanie's team has sort of become her extended family. Says Yolanda, "we try to empower them, at the end of the day we try to empower them so they can be better moms and better parents."

Stephanie says this program has not only given her a healthier son it's given her options for healthier future.

If you know someone who needs a referral to this program, there is no charge to participants who qualify.

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