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New Technology to Melt Fat

Updated: Tuesday, November 19 2013, 02:59 PM EST
MONTGOMERY, Ohio (Liz Bonis) -- The latest version of some hot, new technology said to melt fat, reduce wrinkles and fight cellulite is now in the Tri-State. Medical reporter Liz Bonis introduces us to a woman from Colerain Township, it's really worked for her, in today's Medical Edge.

She works out just about every day, but in spite of that, Sharon Sweitzer says, "my stomach has always been a problem for me, i have a little bit of excess belly fat and even with all my working out, I just can’t  seem to get a it to where I am satisfied with it."

So Sharon decided to try the newest version of what's called the Venus Legacy. It uses a combination of heat through radiofrequency  and pulsed magnetic fields and can be used on everything from belly fat to facial wrinkles. Says Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown, "so the pulsed magnetic fields, along with the radiofrequency, tightens the collagen, causes lypolysis which is popularly referred to as fat absorption, or fat dissolving."

Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown is a facial plastic and body cosmetic surgeon who says when the fat dissolves, it is reabsorbed by the body. This wand placed on the body for about 25 minutes each treatment helps make that happen. "It has a suction capability and it sucks the skin up, and helps to generate the heat in the area." The heat is a gentle warmth according to Mandell-Brown, which means there's no skin tenderness or down time after each treatment.

It is important to note, he says that this is not a substitute for diet and exercise, and you do need follow up treatments. The real question is, how long does it last? The answer, we really don't know. "And that is the million dollar question, the technology is too new, to know how long it's really going to last, realistically, we think people will need some maintenance."

Sharon Sweitzer has gone from this to this in five treatments. "I noticed that I felt thinner, and my clothes did actually fit better on me, I went down a pant size and I had to buy some new clothes."  To stay in those smaller clothes, she says  she's still working out every day.

In most cases, you need about seven treatments to get desired results, which cost about 2500 dollars.

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