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Local Veteran In Heart Valve Study

Updated: Friday, July 26 2013, 12:43 PM EDT

A World War II veteran from Milford continues his life of service
this Independence Day week in a very unique way. He is part of a
breakthrough clinical trial at the Christ Hospital helping to save

Local 12's Liz Bonis tells us about it in today's Medical Edge.

Atchison and his wife Norma-Jean have quite a history. It's in his
memoirs, now online for all to read. He shares stories of a life of
service, to God and country, as both a World War II and Korean War

Ellis Atchison, Patient: "During Korea, I commanded an
intelligence unit in Hawaii, and in addition to that, prior to that, I
was a security officer to the Secretary to Defense."

however, he found himself battling something he'd never encountered
before. At age 97, Doctor Dean Kereiakes, an interventional
cardiologist, told him he needed a valve replaced due to what's called
critical aortic stenosis. The problem was that this man who had served
his country for so long, was not a candidate for open heart surgery. It
was just too risky, so Doctor Kereiakes enrolled him in a breakthrough
trial, which allowed him still to continue to serve others.

is called the Partner II Trial. Just by participating in it, Atchison
will help doctors compare a newer technique for placing a collapsible
valve in the heart. As this animation, courtesy of the Edwards Sapien
X-T Valve shows, it is inserted through a small incision and run up the
heart on a small tube called a catheter before it is expanded.

Dr. Dean Kereiakes, The Chirst Hospital: "It's where we replace the aortic valve without open heart surgery."

So far, for Atchison, it has worked wonders.

"I feel like I'm a new person, and to do most anything I did before, and I've done a lot of things."

Things this Independence Day week for which all of us want to say thank you, including Doctor Dean Kereiakes.

do, I really do, when you read his memoirs of World War II, it's quite
moving. Very good, very good, as I told you in my office, you're my

For more details on this trial -- or on those memoirs liz mentioned -- click on the red "get it" button. The trial will follow patients for at least the next five years.

Local Veteran In Heart Valve Study

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