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Local Man Loses Half His Weight After Embarassing Incident

Updated: Tuesday, November 5 2013, 10:55 AM EST
SHARONVILLE, Ohio (Liz Bonis) -- A trip to Kings Island inspires a man from Sharonville to become a really big loser. Medical reporter Liz Bonis shares his story of success, in today's Medical Edge.

He was at this amusement park and wanted to take a train ride with his wife and son, but at five feet seven inches tall and three hundred and six pounds Larry McFerron recalls, "I just couldn't buckle in, and it was the most embarrassing, I had a girl trying to kick down my stomach down while the other pulled the seatbelt down, and it just wasn't going to make it. Leaving my wife and my son on the ride when I got off, it was the worst walk I'd ever taken."

He said that journey was so humiliating that eventually, it really made him think about his life, his family and his future. It led him to a journey that led him to a gym six days a week. The results one year later are remarkable.

This is Larry McFerron now, 150 pounds lighter. He regularly works out with Bill the trainer at this recreation center. Larry says he really didn't diet, "I did count my calories but I also counted the nutrients I was putting in my body."

Bill says Larry's secret to success are three things anyone can do: cardio, nutrition and strength training.

Larry now shares his story to say if he can change his fitness and food habits, anyone can. "My whole life, even as a kid I was heavy."

He and Bill both agree the hardest part is getting started: "come in the door, give yourself five minutes, once you give yourself five minutes you are good to go." As for his plans for the future, Larry says he's going to continue daily workouts to keep the weight off.

He says his weight loss has been quite a ride. Speaking of rides, guess what he plans on doing with his son, as soon as possible, when his favorite amusement park opens again.Local Man Loses Half His Weight After Embarassing Incident

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