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Learning Hands-Only CPR

Updated: Wednesday, October 16 2013, 10:59 AM EDT
CINCINNATI (WKRC) -- A big push this time of year from the American Heart Association for more of us to learn hands only CPR. Medical reporter Liz Bonis, asks experts at TriHealth to show us what that means in today's Medical Edge.

When it comes to preventing a heart attack small changes can add up to big results, "every day at lunchtime I walk at least a half hour."

When it comes to preventing a heart attack, small changes can add up to big results, "if you even choose one thing, at the American Heart Association, we don't want you do to it all at once encourage you to take smaller steps but more frequently."

In addition to keeping your own heart in check,  corporate wellness expert Terri Hanlon says we also all need to know how to take care of someone else's heart that stops working properly, "we are partnering with the American Heart Association to help educate individuals with how we can save a life."

So Hanlon's team is now one of many going to wellness events and workplaces
to teach what is called hands-only CPR.

The goal was to help highlight that you may not realize we are sort of in heart attack season. We tend to stay inside more, be a little more sedentary, eat and drink at sports games, and all of these together make it even more important that we know hands-only CPR.

Here' s how it works, you simply have to press on the chest and compress at a quick rate, no mouth-to-mouth, "and the hands-only CPR is really an easier method, where someone can step in, keep circulation going, and really save a persons life."

The hope is that if more of us learn this technique, we will perform it as a bystander if someone has a heart event. The American Heart Association will even provide free training, it's just a click away.

American Heart Association

Learning Hands-Only CPR

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