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Laser Treatment For Heel Pain

Updated: Friday, July 26 2013, 12:42 PM EDT
It could help you get rid of pain with every step.   Experts at The Center for Foot Care in the Tri-State are using a new kind of laser to get rid of heel pain.  
Local 12's Liz Bonis shows us how it works in today's Medical Edge.  
Maggie Lisle is back on her feet again now, but for quite a while she got sidelined from her usual running routine.
"It started about a year and a half ago."
Lisle, who also spends a lot time on her feet as an eye doctor, has a condition called plantar fasciitis or heel pain.
"I tried orthopedics, which I had tried before, stretches, cortisone shots, physical therapy, and you name it, I tried it."
That is until she found Doctor Kristin Titko,1 a podiatrist who is now treating patients with what's called  MLS laser therapy.  "It's actually all infrared light, but this is the only system that has two wavelengths working together to accomplish the results."
Doctor Titko let me look on as she treated Lisle with the laser for about five to ten minutes. "There's a continuous emission that addresses both inflammation and swelling, and then there's a pulsed emission that addresses pain, decreasing the pain and gives an analgesic effect."
In most cases, multiple treatments are required. Those range in price from $300-$500.  In most cases, it is not covered by medical insurance plans.  
It can be used for diabetic neuropathy, the heel pain that she has, and other conditions. "We treat acute injuries like tendinitis or an ankle sprain, we treat nerve damage, which may be tarsal tunnel and we may treat a more chronic condition, such a wound that is not healing, like a burn, an injury."
That cost covers, in most cases, six to ten treatments.
Maggie Lisle says she noticed a big improvement after about the third therapy session. "It's improved about 95 percent, I am running again."
Laser Treatment For Heel Pain

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