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Device Can Stop Excessive Sweating

Updated: Thursday, November 21 2013, 10:44 AM EST
WEST CHESTER, Ohio (Liz Bonis) -- U.C. Health dermatologists in West Chester are the first in the area to offer a new treatment to stop excessive sweating. Medical reporter Liz Bonis shows us how it works in our Medical Edge.

The answer to never let them see you sweat might be inside this simple machine. It's called the Miradry System. It uses microwave technology to cool the top but heat the underlayer under your arms. That area is where your sweat glands reside.

Doctor Suzanne Quinter is one of the first in the country to offer this treatment to patients. She simply numbs the armpit and follows a pattern placed in the armpit. The machine uses a preprogrammed dose of heat to shut down the sweat glands  which don't regenerate and come back, "that's why it's a long lasting result for patients because you can't regenerate sweat glands."

The procedure generally takes about an hour and two treatments are recommended about three months apart. One study did show, however, that those who completed the process had about an 80 percent reduction in excessive sweating. Of course that could vary, depending on your own body. "So when they studied this device, they found that after about three months quite a few patients started sweating again, and then when they got that second treatment, that's when they got that lasting result."

There are a few side effects, "it's a lot of heat, so I would say the main thing is discomfort and a lot of swelling." Right now the Miradry System is only approved for use under the arms, not for shutting down sweating from other parts of the body.

Total treatment cost about three thousand dollars, and in most cases is not covered by your medical insurance plan.

Link to Miradry websiteDevice Can Stop Excessive Sweating

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