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Chief Of Police Gets Liver Transplant

Updated: Thursday, August 29 2013, 10:12 AM EDT
The chief of police in Cedarville, Ohio is saying a big thank you today.
He received a life-saving organ transplant this week, from a team at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Medical Reporter Liz Bonis picks up the story from there in today's medical edge. 

He's just five days out from a liver transplant, and it's easy to see the overwhelming joy of Police Chief ChrisGgillaugh as he greets Doctor Shimul Shah, the head of his liver transplant team.

Chris Gillaugh, Liver Recipient:
"I am overwhelmed by the love that I have felt by people around me. God has blessed me so much."

Chris waited more than a year for an organ donor.

His friends and family raised money to help with medical costs during that time.
He has a kind of liver disease not caused by drug or alcohol use called NASH or nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.

Doctor Shimul Shah
"He has fatty liver disease, and has cirrhosis, and has had cirrhosis for many years."
This week, this man who has served his community for decades, got that liver.

And now, hopefully, he's on his way, going to live a long life, and be productive and contribute back to the workplace."

He shares his story, simply to say thank you to the team that helped save his life, from those who donated the organs, to those who performed the procedure, to those who prayed for him along the way…"People, knowing that you have a problem, praying for you, and basically being there and the support that you feel is overwhelming."

Chris, his wife, Alice, and his son, Mark, want nothing more now than to pay it forward.
Alice Gillaugh, Wife:
"I'm so proud of him for who he is. We've been married 32 years."

Chris's second chance at life, which he says is just about...”The chance to spend more time with my son, my daughters, my grandbabies."

Reminds all of us every day is precious, who you get to share it with, is what it's all about.  The best way to become an organ donor is to sign up when you get your driver’s license and to tell your family your wishes.

Chief Of Police Gets Liver Transplant

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